An addressable fire alarm system is one in which all fire and smoke detection devices in a system are connected and communicate both with each other and a central control monitoring location. This interconnectivity allows the control personnel to identify the location or “address” where the initial detection occurred and directs the emergency response team to the precise location faster and mitigate loss of life & property.

Linking all devices offers several advantages of an addressable system are:

  • Accurate identification of where the problem started (Fire, smoke, gas release) 
  • Reduces potential for false alarms and management
  • Reduced installation cost, less cabling – result is a time and cost reduction.
  • High flexibility new systems and modifying or upgrading existing systems. 
  • Addressable monitoring & control modules, for executive functions (e.g. door monitoring, gas detection, etc.)
  • Simpler to be programmed and operated.
  • Shorten the FAS maintenance due to precise faults, detectors dirtiness monitoring,
  • Increased reliability by isolating a short circuit in the loop, minimizing fault effect.
  • The graphical map software delivers effective response.

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